Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Day 8 - Tuesday in Latvija - Camp Day!

Got up. Had some breakfast. Headed out to go back to Camp Ganchuaskas! This time we were able to see archery and even got to try it for ourselves! Eric hit the target all four times! Yeah! Campers were studying memory verses while waiting for their turn to shoot arrows.

This week is a Latvian speaking camp at Ganchuaskas. Last week was an English speaking camp. They were also practicing memory work in line while waiting to go in to lunch.
We had lunch (again at Camp!) and were able to see a little bit of a Bible class although it was a slide show. The kids were also singing silly camp songs before lunch and before the Bible Class/Chapel time.

Over lunch we met and had conversation with Christel Whitford. She is from Idaho! She had graduated from both Boise Bible College and Canyonview Equestrian College. She was adopted herself by Christian parents and had been considering and planning for three years to do mission work before coming to Ganchuaskas in Latvia! We couldn't hardly believe her story as it seemed to match so closely not only that of Janeks but of ourselves. Christel hopes to be a teacher and do mission work with orphans!!!

After lunch, Eric, Mark and Victor met with Lydia and Marita to get answers to questions we had thought of since our visit of last week and while on site this time around. We spent at least an hour and a half reviewing camp policies, regulations and securing copies of the Camp's certification documents. We put the down payment on the Camp rental for 2010!

Victor took us to Jurmala, a town near Riga known for its tourist attractions. It's basically known as a resort as you even have to pay a lat to get in! We walked the beach and then up the side main street (no vehicle traffic allowed) past a lot of restaurants, gifts stores and street vendors. They had a few rides and other kinds of entertainment. They had this bungee ball in which two people sat and were flung into the air screaming.

We took the train out of Jurmala back to Riga (about 12 stops). There was a very nice lady on the train who spoke English. She has a good friend living in Toledo, Ohio! We got off at the Torna Kalna Statija (station). We were taken aback when, as we got off the train, there smack dab in front of us was a freight box car sitting off to the side. It was a box car used during WWII to deport people out of Latvia.

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