Sunday, August 2, 2009

Day 4 - In Latvia - Dinner with Elinas Parents

On our way to dinner, we picked up a flower for our friend Sveta in the computer center who was so kind the day before and had given us blueberries.

Āfter working all day, Elinaš parents invited us for dinner. Elinaš mother is a pastry chef for a chain of stores which have bakery sections. We were proud of Janeks when he asked Elinaš father to say the blessing. He stood up and did so. He is a faithful catholic. We had walked past the church where he worships on one of our walks through Cesis.

We had Latvian pork chops (boneless and breaded (very popular and , potatoes (served at every meal in one form or another), smoked fish, pickled herring, a salsa like salad (of chopped tomatoes, onions, cabbage and with corn. The topper was the plate of pastries served for dessert! I asked for the recipe of the berry crunch pastry, which I ate four or five of, but didn't get it.

Janeks, Elina, Lynda (Janeks' sister) took a walk again through the city at night which was beautiful even without streetlights.

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